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A good time gal, who pays attention to the details…

I’ve been playing pretend my whole life. I was crafty enough to turn my life’s work of playing around into my career. I discovered theatre and the importance of ensemble. I then learned the magic of self creation and independence within a fabulous glittery community through burlesque. I came to BDSM and adult content creation and I discovered that play and storytelling can arrive in uniquely bound packages. Most currently, I’ve arrived at collaborative storytelling and it’s been a thrilling and exciting adventure to combine community and narrative. I’ve found that PLAY generates good stories, no matter the intended audience! Adding all of these notches to my waist cinching waspie belt has led me to this path of becoming a Professional Player and Sensual Storyteller.

My art expresses herself in many different mediums and styles. Let me show you just a taste!


I hope you enjoyed your visual Dandy tour. Please exit through the gift shop.

As you may have surmised, I’m all about finding ways to express an intriguing story and I try my best to not let medium define me. Life with me is a Dandy little grab bag.

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