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Hi, I’m Abby Dandy!

I’m a big dork who loves a good story.

My initial love for storytelling and theatre turned into an explosive passion for offbeat and sensual storytelling. I’m born and raised from Viva Las Vegas, and something about this classy trashy place is a part of my bones. I’m not sure if it’s a result of Vegas’s endless tacky nostalgia, or due to the vibrant theatrical arts education I had that makes me the way that I am. Either way, I just want to make Julie Andrews proud. I’m a huge theatre dork who happens to be a Professional Hot Lady on the Internet. My theatrical education helps to inform my current light hearted and character driven approach to striptease and adult content creation.

Currently, I am enjoying the opportunity to self-produce my own content for my amazing fans. Previously, in “The Before Times” I was once upon a time an in-person, living and breathing showgirl. I have had the dirty delight and absolute pleasure of shaking my assets for cash at Vegas’s most iconic and vibrant spots. I’ve been so lucky to have thrilled, chilled, and fulfilled live audiences at the various venues, dive bars, and all of the nooks and crannies where burlesque and offbeat entertainment can be found in Las Vegas.

Most recently, I joined Ginger Valentine, Isabelle Marie, and Jonas T Woolverton  in “Babes and Blues” at the Double Down Saloon in March 2020.

Pictured below , me (right) and Miss Isabelle Marie (left) in a picture we took to promote “Babes n Blues”. Photo taken by Juan Cardenas (Desautomatas) at Ralphie Tha Shoes’s beautiful mid-century home. Pictured left is a crop of an amazing photo and edit of me by Dragon Dreams Photography.

LAS VEGAS 1/31/20 – Dancers, models and burlesque performers Isabelle Marie and Abby Dandy at Ralphie’s Speakeasy. (Photo credit Juan Cardenas @desautomatas)

During this pause on live entertainment, I’m still thinking about storytelling. And I’m still a huge nerd. I’ve been expanding my storytelling horizons by playing Dungeons and Dragons live on Twitch (Tuesdays 8pm PST) with the amazing buds community for WeeDnd. Join us!

I have also been dreaming up bolder, kinkier, and more thrilling burlesque acts- ones that I can’t wait to share with the world. In the meantime, my fans (or Dandies) get the first glimpse of anything new, and I am hard at work creating sensual and immersive content of a wide variety and in myriad mediums for my lovely fans. Follow me on social media to stay updated!

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